Wednesday, March 02, 2011

the first look: the florals.

In this spring's lookbook - blouse admitted that there are four special looks we're especially in love with this season.

The first .... The Feminine Floral look.

Flowers are always lovely - but after a particularly hard and long winter, seeing bunches of roses + peonies, even covering the soft cotton fabric of a sundress, make me want to cry a little out of sheer happiness. When I actually see real live flowers growing out of non-snow covered ground, I'll probably lose it a little. And I'm okay with that.

.the what of the florals.

...romantic pink roses.
...tough leather jackets over little red sundresses.
...soft cotton dresses.
...sheer ethereal.
...1970s paisley and pansies.
...layers of pearls.
...short and long and inbetween.
...spring in the 1950s.

.the where of the florals.

...a picnic lunch in the park.
...packed in your weekend bag to the cape.
...a day trip to the botanical garden.
...drinking an iced tea at an outdoor cafe, people watching. a lounge chair on the back deck.
...ballroom dance class.
...brunch with the parents.

the who of the florals.

(from l to r)
...everyday girl michelle in the take my picture sweet pale pink dress.

...everyday girl desiree in the spring in the 50s vintage dress.


Anonymous said...

I love florals! these are some super cute dresses!

Mrs Amber Apple said...

I love florals. I'm actually quite obsessed with them right now :)

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