Monday, March 07, 2011

meet the model: raegan.

You might have noticed that there have been one or two or eight new faces over at blouse shoppe modeling (very finely, I might add) the vintage spring looks. Since we think the world of these everyday girls who will spend hours twirling about in vintage wares for the camera, we thought we would spend a little time letting all of you get to know the blouse everyday girls!

First up ... is Raegan. While there have been a couple of models jane + I have had to lovingly cajole/poke/beg to model for us, Raegan is the first that came to jane wanting the gig. For that alone, we love this woman.

Lucky for us - not only was she born to wear fancy vintage dresses on a staircase, she is fun. Like, a lot of fun. Like, as my midwestern mom would say, Fun with a capital-F. blouse shoots starting laughing a lot more when Raegan came into the picture.

We also happen to love her pretty blonde hair and her spontaneity. This, people, was the woman that asked a man sitting across the street out for drinks while we shot the vintage winter bride photo shoot. And yes, she was dressed like the bride.

In Raegan's words ...

favorite color
: purple

favorite band/artist: Phish and everyone I know

hometown: Providence, RI, lived in SF for 9 years and now I'm back

3 favorite things: mani-pedi's, friends and food

when I grow up I want to be: a travel and food reporter

my favorite piece of clothing: My "Almost Famous Jacket" from TjMaxx. It's soft and furry. My favorite place I wore it to was St Barths - but I took it off once I realized I was sweating to death.

I'm an everyday girl because I go to work in suits and heels and rock the jeans + tee look at night. I'm down to earth, do my own (minimal) make up and am usually smiling most of the day.


Kate A said...

Raegan, you're also funny as hell. You look gorgeous in these photos! :)

Mrs Amber Apple said...

Raegan, you are lovely!

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