Tuesday, March 01, 2011

the spring lookbook.

This spring ... blouse is in love.

in love with the 70s.
in love with the sundress.
in love with shoulder pads.
in love with denim blues.
in love with polka dots.

and head over heels in love with the everyday girl.

(click image for full screen display!)


Anonymous said...

I love this format!!! There are so many things in this book that I adore :)

Kimberlee said...

in love with the lookbook.

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

positively ADORABLE lookbook! Thanks for sharing!

Courtney B said...

um. i need everything. all of it. please. thank you!

Shauna said...

In love with the slick new format (especially in full screen!)!!! :) And...all the new models are FABULOUS! Happy spring!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I really love this style so much: feminine/floral/vintage. Spot-on.


Mrs Amber Apple said...

oh my goodness! this is amazing! i LOVE it!

Kate said...

I love love love this... you women all look amazing!!!

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