Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the everyday girl in the fall.

Here at blouse ... we're in the process of launching something oh-so-special over at the shoppe ...

And to go along with it, you're going to start hearing some new vocab words around here. (like rockstar. and old fashioned girl.) It all has to do with the everyday girl style quiz we're putting together (you want to know your everyday girl style, don't you?!) - and jane + I are so excited.

We must be ... because jane did an awesome treasury ... and without realizing it, created the perfect fall outfits for our everyday girl styles! (she's good, that one.)

vintage purple + orange bone brass bracelet by karmalings
long coat in lilac by BEvisible
vintage grid dress by gimmeNICOLE
vintage orange leather heels by masClothing

black glass earrings by Khalliahdesign
vintage 1950s dress by TimelessVixenVintage
blonde mink shrug by persephone vintage
champagne rose clutch by atouchofglass0

70s sheer blouse by RadVintager
vintage calvin klein jeans by bornbroke
calm brown jacket by cocoricoo
vintage over the knee boots by santokivintage

chestnut brown pumps by AdrianCompanyVintage
blue floral mini skirt by TulipTreeVintage
vintage sweater vest by sheHEARTSvintage
ivory lace top by blackmarketbaby


jane said...

we to put it all together jen! nice. i just love treasuries!

ACV said...

Thank you for adding my shoes!xoxo

nithi said...

very nicely done. Thanks for adding our piece.

sheHEARTSvintage said...

LOVE! Once again! Thanks for the include. xx

NICOLE! said...

girrrrrls, you are so, SO excellent.
this is all really QUITE well done.

love, NICOLE
of gimmeNICOLE

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