Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a blouse birthday.

Today, blouse is 1 year old. Part of me can't believe that it was just last October that jane + I spent a night sitting at my kitchen table ... drinking red wine and agonizing over the absolute best name for a vintage shoppe. (we may or may not have high fived when "blouse" was decided on. who doesn't high five when tipsy on pinot noir?)

It has been an amazing first year ... and since the beginning, we've been falling in love more and more with blouse. And we know, we couldn't have done it without you. (warning: mushy lovefest ahead.)

Thank You to the moms of blouse ... we've got one in New Jersey and one in the Midwest ... who despite the distance, manage to support us, love us, and send us the best vintage stuff for the shoppe (which is awesome.). Thanks for being our first blog follower, for allowing us to talk hours on end about things like hemlines and shipping costs and for believing in blouse. (aka: us.)

Thank You to the blouse manager ... on the biggest level, thanks for having a childhood best friend (jane) and a girlfriend (jen) who realized a year ago at the kitchen table that they could start an online vintage shoppe together. Thank you for the lessons, for building us clothing racks for our first outdoor festival, for carrying Tiffany, for watching slideshows of thousands of photos of jane on a pier, jane on a carousal, jane in front of a green armoire, for allowing blouse inventory to occassionally take over the office, and for letting us pay you in steamed clams and buffalo wings. And of course, thank you for always coaching us to dream bigger.

Thank You to the biggest fans of blouse (shauna, court + kate, we're looking at you) ... thank you for the blog comments, the photo comments, the facebook comments ... thank you for loving everything we do ... it makes us feel famous, loved and so damn special.

Thank You the guest models of blouse ... to Amanda, for letting us bully you into modeling and for working the summer sundresses. To Regan, for being so willing to let go of your nerves and effortlessly becoming the everyday girl. And to Joanna, who came all the way from Chicago and didn't bat an eye when we asked her to transform into an elegant party hostess, a drunk bridesmaid and an old fashioned librarian all in one day. You all inspire the hell out of us.

And last, but definitely not least ... Thank You to our customers. From Turkey to Norway to Michigan to Oregon ... you have each made our day - and we still think about the blue handbag that we sent to Canada for a wedding, the red plaid cape that was our very first sale, the fancy shcmancy hat we mailed to NYC ... and all the amazing, fantastic women behind these sales. We wish we could invite you all over for a nice potluck to talk more about vintage and just how awesome we think you all are.

To all of you - thank you.
We can't wait to see where the next year takes us.


jane + jen


jane + jen said...

loved this post! and a big thanks to you all again!


jane + jen said...
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Shauna said...
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Shauna said...

OMG!!!!! This is AWESOME! Ladies...blouse is stunning (or as they say out here "it's a stunnah!")! It's hard for me to believe that blouse is only a year old, because she's running like a 4 year-old and dressing and talking like a 64 year-old. ;) Oh wait...that's Tiffany who's dressing like a 64 year-old, but you get my point. ANYWAY - this first year of blouse was so unbelievably spectacular that I am absolutely amazed and delighted to see what happens in year 2! Congrats to you both - you've put your hearts, souls, blood (I hope this doesn't scare away any customers), sweat, and tears into blouse, and it is paying off big time! As an aside - Jennifer - why didn't you tell me your mother sells handmade aprons on etsy??? I TOTALLY NEED AN APRON!!!! :)

Much love, blousekateers!!!!!



Amanda said...

Congratulations, ladies! You can tell how passionate you both are about what you do. Everything you post is beautiful.


Shauna said...

Oh...and I neglected to mention that I was referring to the hippest, coolest, sexiest 64 year-old alive!!!! ;)

Mom said...

Congratulations to you both and wishing you continued success with blouse. It truly has been an amazing year. Congrats!

Gail said...

Contrats to you! Every morning, I check my email and then go straight to blouse to see what has been added and find myself looking at items that were newly listed as well as previously listed items. It's hard to stay away! Love the photography, the models, the all works together so well. Again, congratulations.

Kimberlee said...

Well, it feels only right that my first comment on Blouse be on the one year anniversary post (Hey, shauna we're really falling behind on that a capella group we started the same night as blouse).

Though I like to push around the model, yell at the photog for obsessing over the green thing, get jealous when my best friend and gf are blousing and not paying me any attention, also get jealous that jane and jen share a bank account and jen and i don't, I would like to thank blouse for fulfilling so many dreams and talents of 2 of my favorite and closest ladies! Jane and Jen, the sum of your parts are waaaaay bigger than 2 (i'll give a lesson later if you don't get it). Love you and love Blouse!

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