Monday, October 11, 2010

a dream coming true-ish.

Since we started blouse (nearly one entire year ago!), I have dreamed about having a photoshoot with a bridal party ... all dressed up in vintage.

I pictured a lovely bride, maybe in a lacey, white cocktail dress from the 1950s with a little box hat and heels - along with five or six of her bridesmaids, all in beautiful, unique vintage dresses.

During this fall shoot, I realized we had a beautiful winter wedding dress! And a model that fit into this beautiful winter wedding dress! And a couple of extra models! And um, bridesmaid dresses that well, at least filled the unique requirement, if not the beautiful one.

But looking back, I realize I should have probably been more specific that my dream called for happy bridesmaids.

Happy bridesmaids, who, um, aren't angry or drunk. (you take what you get, right?)

Here's some photos from my sorta half-way there dream photoshoot:


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Mary said...

Oh man! I love this! So glad that those dresses worked out. Love this link and am going to forward it to see if they strike any bells for a coup0le of former-bridesmaids lol <3 <3 <3

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