Thursday, October 20, 2011

top 10: must haves for fall + winter.

After a bit of a confusing autumn here in New England with hot + humid days .... we can finally feel the chill in the air, the leaves are turning and we're craving pumpkin everything. Now that we can safely pack away the suntan lotion, we're pulling out the necessities for the cold weather.

Jane + I put together our 10 top must haves for fall + winter. These are the things we're planning on keeping us warm/happy/stylish/cozy this season!



Miss Berly said...

So fun! A snuggie is most definitely on my list. In fact I have three!

Shauna said...

Ladies!!!!! I *love* your new header! Jen - those pics are seriously straight out of REAL SIMPLE. No joke. Also, how long did it take to get Poppy to look up @ you like that?!?!? She's so cute. I do have a couple of messages for you though - Sam is pissed and wants to come live with me. And, Poppy is a bit upset that she was #10 (she didn't buy the whole "best for last" thing...I tried).

Jane - I didn't know there were NFL snuggies...I need to look into this! I think I could also get into those fleece-lined tights...

I think you girls both need to add a #11 to your lists: being able to use the word "cozy" liberally! :D I know how much you love it!!!! Looking great, girls! XOXO

Jamie Rose said...

Snuggies! I love my snuggie, so it's definitely on my need-for-fall list.

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