Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the everyday girls do the 90s.

A couple of weeks ago -- 11 beautiful everyday girls + 1 photographer went back to 1994, rediscovering lace, denim, one or two shots of whiskey and a few rockstars from the band She Rides.

The latest blouse look book is in homage to those nights of indulgence -- when tights were ripped in all the right places, when the floral dresses were short + sweet, and when the economy was strong as ever.

Find these essential 90s vintage pieces in the shoppe!

(to see the look book full screen, just hover your mouse in the center of image and click the "view fullscreen" button that appears!)


she rides said...

we had a great time. lots of fun. thanks for making dan look halfway decent.

Anonymous said...

this is SO AWESOME! great job as usual, ladies!

Amanda said...

Love the look book! gorgeous!!!

A Fine Balance said...

Oh wow I love your blog! thank you for finding me haha

so I am preparing for my first Fitness competition! I am going to pose around in a bikini on stage...ugh. I dont know what I was thinking....thought I would challenge me body to go beyond its limits. I am freaked out!

Jamie Rose said...

I definitely enjoyed this lookbook! So many cute little 90's dresses and cool denim pieces. I really liked the grunge-feel of the photos!

Shauna said...

Whoah! You ladies are super big time! Holy awesome shots and beautiful editing, Jen! Great styling of the outfits, Jane! Way to be stunningly gorgeous, models! I don't even like hanging out in clubs and bars, but these photos make me want to be there partying with you!

Jennyboo said...

This lookbook is just fantastic! Maybe it's because I am a child of the 90s, but I can't part with a good floral dress and some high waisted jeans. Well done ladies! xx

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