Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the everyday girl goes to a wedding.

Break out the Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons -- it's Wedding Season! And in case you're invited to a wedding (or three) this season -- here's a handy Everyday Girl Guide on What to Wear! So you can relax about the wardrobe and worry about how the only thing left on the registry is mint + ivory colored washcloths.

Here's to open bars + dj's that don't play the macarena! Happy Wedding Season!


Jamie Rose said...

Such a cute post! I enjoyed all the comments at the bottom of the pictures

Katie said...

this is a fun post! all gorgeous dresses!

Lindsey @ Confessions Of A Marine Wife said...

I love it!!

jenni wells said...

super cute post!!

Kate said...

What a fun post and extremely helpful since I am attending two weddings this summer! Although, I am in one of the weddings so my outfit has already been chosen for me, but for my friend's garden wedding "the everyday girl gets romantic" seems perfect.

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