Monday, March 14, 2011

the third look: LA in the 80s.

Two down. Two to go. Our first favorite looks of the spring - the florals and the classics - were definitely loved by the everyday girls at the spring photo shoot ... but the third look -- LA in the 80s -- were by far, a favorite. It just goes to show how awesome our everyday girls are -- the kind of girls that can pull off shoulder pads and high heels and use words like "pumped" in everyday conversation.

.the what of the 80s.

.shoulder pads. enough said.
.big floral prints.
.bigger animal prints.
.tight and short.
.add stilettos and attitude. mix well.
.sequins all over.
.pretty woman polka dots.

.the where of the 80s.

.a 4am kind of night.
.all day music festival.
.a sports bar.
.shopping spree.
.mojitos on the back deck.
.vacation at the shore.

.the who of the 80s.

...everyday girl erin in the midnight black sequined vintage dress
...everyday girl shara in the picnic in the park long floral skirt
...erin in the day in the 80s vintage dress

...shara in the night at the concert grunge vintage dress
...everyday girl desiree in the pretty woman polka dotted vintage dress
...shara in the jungle fever vintage dress


Amber Blue Bird said...

these are some fancy ladies, shoulder pads are a hard thing to pull off. PS I am so glad you enjoyed my film score playlist, I was nervous about posting it but your comment made me smile

Orange Suitcase Vintage said...

hii :) i'm not totally sure, that photo is of my friend tierney. it does look like one tho!

ps...i want that sequin crop top! cute blog <3

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