Wednesday, March 09, 2011

meet the model: kate.

Meet Kate, our blouse renaissance woman.

Kate was one of our first everyday girl models ... and she may have fallen more in the catagory of those "poked/prodded/cajoled" into modeling by Jane and I at the beginning ... but obviously, by the look of joy on her face in these photographs - we think she's come around and discovered how fun and exciting the life of a blouse model can be. (especially since I just realized that Kate has only modeled with us during the coldest of photo shoot days, being forced to parade around in negative temperatures wearing varied short sleeved vintage dresses.)

Kate is ridiculously multi-talented. I say that with only the slight tone of jealously in my voice. The woman paints! The woman plays the bass in a band! The woman does construction! The woman is a graphic designer! The woman drives a stick shift!

See? Totally the blouse renaissance woman. Oh, and of course, add to that -- the woman models! damn well!

favorite color: blue

favorite band: Radiohead and Beck (p.s. This is a very tough question to be consise with - I don't have one favorite, it's more like 15!)

hometown: Westerly, RI

3 favorite things: music, summer and sushi

when I grow up I want to be: a professional musician and artist

my favorite piece of clothing: a striped shirt that Jane gave me. I love it because, holy crap, it's so comfortable and it looks super rad!

I am an everyday girl because I get up everyday with the intention of making it happen ... whether that means playing a show, designing a poster or just surviving a hangover (heh). But in reality, any accomplishments we achieve for ourselves in our everyday lives, no matter how small, actually compound into the collective evolution and success of our society, and in turn, species as a whole. Whoa. I mean, really, we're all in this together when you think about it. Seriously. Think about it.


Tierney said...

I wish we all were neighbors. I would model my heart out for you girls. (That's not saying you don't already have some wicked cool kids working with you!)

And, life can't get much better than summer, sushi, and music! (Well, maybe burritos can be substituted for sushi..)

Anonymous said...

i love how happy this girl is!!! it's the best advertising for your clothes.

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