Tuesday, March 08, 2011

the second look: the classics.

Our second favorite look from the spring look book - the classics. Think pumps and pillbox hats and polka dots and pretty ladies all dressed up in vintage. Not merely for the Audreys of the world - this is a look that keeps coming back for a reason -- it's a good look on you.

.the what of the classics. and white.
...slightly sheer.
...the little gold details.
...a fancy hat.
...straight and narrow.
...barely trying.
...simple and sweet.
...accompanying pearls.

.the where of the classics.

...from 9 to 5pm
...cocktails at the hotel bar.
...intermission in the theater lobby.
...the backseat of a taxi.
...under a faux fur.
...on a good blind date. the interview table.
...wandering the art gallery.

.the who of the classics.

(from l to r)

...everyday girl desiree in the straight and narrow vintage shift dress.
...everyday girl michelle in the night at the theater vintage dress.
...everyday girl jane in the she doesn't have to try vintage dress.

...jane in the read between the lines vintage dress.
...everyday girl deanna in the jill goes to work vintage suit.
...michelle in the silent movie era vintage dress.

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aliboo! said...

lovelovelove the vintage classic look!

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