Monday, February 14, 2011

the diner girls.

Our latest photoshoot featuring the perfect winter to spring vintage dresses, milkshakes and trench coats.

I'm trying to act all nonchalant and cool -- like a "whatever"-kind of cool -- but this is the new way blouse will be doing our lookbooks and I'm so excited, I feel like I could cry or throw up or something that a three year would do when overexcited. From the first lookbook I did, I have loved putting together these pretty photos of these pretty ladies in pretty vintage. Seeing them in this pretty magazine format makes me swoon (which I suppose is much more ladylike that sobbing or getting sick).

We hope you like!

p.s. the goods will be coming into the shoppe this week!


blouse said...

very nicely done jen!! I love being in a magazine!


Gail said...

This is great! Love the "look" of the lookbook! Happy Valentines Day to all!!

Shauna said...

This is great! Stanley's is so amazing...I want to go there NOW! :)'re not just in a mag, you're in a FASHION mag! :) Jen - I love your always frame your shots so well, and you use lighting really well, too (well, I think so anyway!).


clementine and daisy. said...

so adorable. im in love!

Anonymous said...

Love your lookbook, how did you create it!? It's so cool! Great outfits and styling! x

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