Saturday, February 12, 2011

hot girls rock.

In this month's edition of Motif Magazine - our very own jane + her amazing roommate/friend/bassist Kate got featured in an article about hot rocker ladies!

Together - they make up the female half of the indie rock band Panther Moderns ... jane, as lead singer and kate, as the provider of the "low end thunder" (yeah, one of my favorite phrases in the article).

They are hot ... as well as talented, funny, beautiful and really good at scattergories. And just f-ing really good people. I'm obviously a fan.

Congrats on the way - deserving article!

(and notice the blouse shout out at the end! jane = best promoter eva.)


-KCart said...

omg sooooo cool!!!!

courtney said...

i love it. you guys are so adorabe.

courtney said...

plus, i really want those thigh highs.

Shauna said...

This is *GREAT*! :) Jane + Kate, you two are naturally gorgeous - inside and out! I love the pic of the two of you laughing - I think it captures both of your true natures. Congrats to you, Panther Moderns, and blouse! :) XOXO

pfg123 said...

Super article!!! & as always wonderful pics!

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