Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blouse on the street.

Jane reminded me to show off a little more of the December blouse shoot -- blouse on the street. She was excited to call the shoot: "blouse streetwalkers," and well ... I didn't quite have the heart to tell her.

So, with a slight under-my-breath apology to the models, here they are -- the lovely blouse streetwalkers.

.still in the shoppe.
victorian heather gray blazer
deep as the sea navy blue jumper
structured red jacket
raven black wool dress
slim camel cropped pants
camel brown dress
straight black mod dress
teal sweater dress


Amber Blue Bird said...

great pics, really love the b&W ones

Shauna said...

Ok...I was woefully, DREADFULLY behind on my blouse blog reading!!! This post is fabulous! I'm with Amber...the black & whites are gorgeous! I like "blouse streetwalkers" reminds me of this little blog I know called "RISD Streetwalkers." :) That one is all about fashion, too, but in a very different way! Blouse is the best!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I'm sure I'm supposed to be looking at their lovely outfits, but seriously, these women have AMAZING hair.
The shots are beautiful. So diverse and lovely.

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