Tuesday, January 18, 2011

and the numbers, they were crunched.

blouse had a mini-accounting meeting last night. There were a lot of furrowed brows and spreadsheets and piles of receipts and a manila folder or two. As you can tell by the, um, "calculator" in the above picture, we're still working on this business side of the business. Buying pretty clothes and taking photographs of them? Check. Adding and subtracting numbers? Numbers with decimals?? Not so check.

We'll figure it out. Anytime I started to get confused, I just threw out the word "Quicken." I'm rather sure that me dropping this financial term casually into the conversation at certain points convinced jane I know a thing or two about accounting. Hm. Now that I think back, maybe she's just wondering if I'm developing turrets.

We held the meeting at jane's house ... and forgetting that the sun sets these days around 2pm, it was dark and cozy by the time we finished and wanted to take some photos. We celebrated finishing up the numbers for July (heh) with a beer (root for me, miller for her) and looking through jane's record collection.

jane wears
dress : thrifted
belt : thrifted
boots : vintage

jen wears
ruffled blouse: thrifted
jumper: bought in philadelphia from a talented seamstress
winter boots: ll bean


clementine and daisy. said...

jane! i love that pink hair and that dress. im gonna go ahead and need you to mail it to me. thanks.

blouse said...

listen here! till i get my dress in return you will get NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!

love you bunches!


Shauna said...

This is adorable! Jane, I love that you have a record collection! I hope you didn't get too many gray hairs while you were trying to make those numbers add up!

Ladies, you're in luck! I have a sick obsession with numbers, and my attention to detail is ridiculous (don't think about this in relation to dog hair...think about the fact that when I pump gas I always add a little extra to get an even number)! If you need help with your books, I'm here for you! :) I also happen to know an AMAZING and CHEAP CPA if you want to go with a professional. ;)

Huzzah! Vintage said...

accounting. blarg.

(just wait 'til tax season!!$?%&)

Matchless Vision said...

What an amazing record collection! Jenny Lewis and Bruce Springsteen. You've got one impressed reader here.

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