Saturday, November 20, 2010

panther moderns: the everyday rockstar

i'm in this band. we're called panther moderns. when i first moved to providence, about 2 years ago, all i wanted was to sing in a band. i answered an ad on craigslist and met some of my most favorite people in life. we've been a band ever since. way plays guitar (yes that's his name. he told me his parents were hippies.) pete plays the drums. kate is the bassist. she's saved me more than once. and i sing.

the other day we had a cd release party. it's just 4 songs. (they call it an ep in the biz) we love them all. if you'd like to hear them click here. everyone has a different favorite. mine's yellow and red.

i searched for the perfect vintage dress and found it at Great Grandma Agnes on etsy. and when i say searched i mean searched!! i looked through ALL of the dresses on etsy. and that's a lot. but this rainbow number was ideal.

i hope you love it.



MargieF said...

that is a great dress and it looks great on you:) im going to have a sneaky look at the etsy shop where you bought it

Marie said...

AHHH JANE you rocked that dress!! Thanks so much for mentioning my shop! I am glad it worked out for you!


Gail said...

Loved hearing you sing. I've been looking forward to that. And, the perfect dress! Great voice -- Great dress...the perfect combination!

clementine and daisy. said...

bah! the dress. theres nothing like etsy dress shopping on the phone with your BFF. looks like fun i'm so sad i missed it!

Anonymous said...

So cool that you're in a band!

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