Friday, October 08, 2010


Here at blouse, we're going to start featuring some of our favorite everyday girls ... and we want to know yours!

Who is the everyday girl? We're so glad you asked! (really! we are!) according to the about page we wrote during a lunch break a couple weeks ago, here's the definition:

the everyday girl (the eve'r-y-da gurl)

adj.1. someone who is approachable, inspiring and could totally be your next best friend. (e.g. Jenny Lewis is so the everyday girl. I want her hair.)
see synonyms: funny, smart, creative, down to earth, stylish, kickass.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

We've got a nice list going of truly awesome ladies we want to brag about for a while ... but we want to know which everyday girls out there you want to know about! It could be your favorite blogger, tatoo artist, fashion designer, rockstar or Whole Foods cashier.

(if they're in the providence area - even better ... instead of virtually stalking - we can stalk in real life! nice stalking, not scary stalking.)

Think about it. We'd love the suggestions (and if you want to suggest yourself, which we'd actually kinda love, email us at blouseshoppe (at) gmail (dot) com. that is, if you're too embarrassed to leave it in the comment section, which we'd also kinda love.).

We can't wait to start talking about these everyday girls and all the ways they rock!
(so send in suggestions! otherwise, it's just going to be jane + i and that's going to get old, real fast.)


Courtney Barber said...

i nominate....ME! ha!

Rachel said...

Oh, I nominate Bleubirdblog's writer, Ms. James. She seems to be able to do it all, but is so warm and fun that you know you would love her if you met her.......with great taste and quite the successful shop/blog situation.
Can't wait to see where this little endeavor goes!

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