Friday, September 03, 2010

vintage on the red carpet.

Confession: I love television.

Like, love, tv.

So, since I've dedicated many hours of my life this past year to watching recordings on the dvr player ... I had a nice time watching the Emmy's this past weekend (you know, because it was a tv show. and i love tv.).

And despite the super creepy guy interviewing the celebrities on the red carpet (note to him: google "personal space"), I even had a good time watching all the pretty ladies and gent walk in their fancy gear.

And -- I loved seeing the vintage!

How cute is Keri Russell? Seeing her in this floaty 70s pink dress totally made me forgive her for cutting Felicity's hair. And the best part? According to the shop - Decades - she bought this dress almost 10 years ago and just pulled it out her own closet. Nice Keri. Very everyday girl.

Loved this Versace on Jenna Fisher from Rare Vintage. Loved the color, the flowing skirt, the strapless-ness, the geometric feel, just freaking love it. She looks so grown up!

Me and my mom do things like go to the fabric store and then to gloria jean's for a flavored coffee. Eva Amurri and her mom do things like go to the Emmys. Hm. Regardless, Eva's blush pink Thierry Mugler gown is very, very pretty. And coincidentally, very similar to some of the gowns I myself have worn to JoAnn Fabrics.


Somewhere, along the way - I read that celebrities often choose not to wear vintage at these fancy schindigs because they have to purchase them -- the other, new dresses are often gifted by the designers.

This made me love these three women even more.

And I love thinking of the day some fancy lady on the red carpet will say, "I'm wearing a vintage dress from blouse." And then, you'll see Jane and I creepily waving in the background and grinning like idiots.

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