Saturday, September 04, 2010

hard work.

There are some ladies out there in internetland who are very impressive with their outfit posts and their doing it with their tripods in their pretty spots like parks and abandoned houses.

Ladies, I had no idea how difficult this tripod business was. Some serious props to you.

I went into a pretty wooded area last week to try to snap some tripod photos of myself and after some bug bites, cuts on my ankles from mean thistle plants, serious stares from old fishermen and nearly killing myself falling down a concrete staircase, I had about 400 pictures of which 4 were use-able. (as in, my face didn't show my sheer fear as I nearly fell down a concrete staircase.)

It's a bit challenging for me to be on the other side of the camera - but it was a good challenge and something I should do once in a while. (so - fishermen, I'll see you again one day.)

The dress is vintage - and so is the sweater clip. Yeah, that's right - a sweater clip. And no, I am not a Boston Bruin fan ... my last name starts with a b and how could I not adore a sweater clip? It's so me. The old lady, librarian me.

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Mom said...

These are very original and great photos. Good job with the tripod. m

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