Tuesday, September 21, 2010


(photo circa 2005)

Before they lived in the same city, let alone the same time zone.
Before they shared a vocabulary with words like "blouse-ing," "gunne," and "romper."
Before shared bank accounts.
Before Jane was a model and Jen was a photographer.
Before all these cups of coffee and glasses of wine and business meetings.
Before they knew the cost of shipping skirts to Australia and shoes to Nevada.
Before they were friends.
Before they created the everyday girl.

Before blouse.


Jane said...

i thought the ode to a model post was my favorite, but i changed my mind. it's this one.

Courtney Barber said...

bah! i was there that day too!! love it!! and miss it!!

Gail said...

I love this ... it is my new favorite, as well. Just lovin' it! Gail

Jane said...

yeah you were there court. philly days.....

Besos from Bushwick said...

this is adorrrrabblllee!!!!

Shauna said...

I'm definitely addicted to Facebook...I kept looking for the "Like" button. :) This is GREAT!

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