Wednesday, September 22, 2010

happy fall.

It's the first day of fall! Happy Fall-ing!

(it's also 80 degrees here in new england ... so, obviously, not quite real-autumn yet.)

But whenever it does decide to bring on the cool days and chilly nights, we're looking forward to:

1. scarves.
2. jean jackets.
3. boots.
4. apple cider.
5. spiced rum (please see number 4.)
6. cider donuts.
7. caramel apples.
8. pumpkin pie.
9. the entire thanksgiving menu that has been on the fridge since august.

Hm. blouse might be a little obsessed with food.

A little.


mode. said...

it's 90 down here in Nashville. oy.

jane + jen said...

yesterday it was 85. today: 70. fall did a quick jump into the air!

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