Sunday, September 19, 2010


We're planning a big (big.) photoshoot this upcoming weekend that I am beyond (beyond.) giddy about.

It's the shoot where we'll be featuring a lot of pretty holiday-party-wearing vintage party wear and we're aiming for a photoshoot that looks and feels just like a real party.

Here's my inspiration. (utterly obsessed.)


Besos from Bushwick said...

Love this. She's amazing. Can't wait to see the photos. Wish I could be at the dress up party.

Jane said...

do we need balloons at this party?

and you can come miss brooklyn!!! steal the car!

Shauna said...

Balloons and a giant cardboard crescent moon covered in aluminum foil...that is totally my favorite part! :) Oh, and GLITTER....lots and LOTS of GLITTER!!!!

Shauna said...

Oh, and a fog machine... :)

Rachel said...

LOVE her, so much, everything. about. her.

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