Thursday, August 19, 2010

a tribute to a model.

In case you're new around here - blouse is a two-lady operation. Well, one of those ladies (hi there) sticks to the behind the camera work and the other - she's the one in front of the camera.

I know what you're thinking -- models have it so easy. All that standing there, being attractive, wearing nice clothes, attractively.

Well, not so much in the life of a blouse model. (the easy part, not the being attractive part)

Honestly, it's not an easy job - but if there's any everyday girl up for the job - it's Jane. And I just wanted to do a little thank you - shout out - blog style - to this model that allows me to yell, point, direct and boss her around. In public.


Thank you, Jane, for trusting my visions, and for climbing onto that picnic table and doing dead pose without a moment of hesitation.

I am especially grateful for that, because as we know, all of my "visions" (aka: jane poking imaginary fire with stick) do not work out as I've "seen" them in my head. (sidenote - yeah, sorry about that whole stick thing)

Thanks for putting your hair up when I ask.

And thanks for putting it back down when I change my mind.

Thanks for wading into that suspicious looking seagrass. Barefoot. I'm glad you understood I was going for this whole "beachy grass sun/wind swept flowy look" and that it was worth it to risk a "jane's legs eaten up by mysterious beachy grass bugs look." One day, blouse will buy you some nice calamine lotion for these type of moments. One day.

And thank you for literally risking your life - or at least a leg bone - walking on that fence in high heels. I would say that I would have caught you ... but you know, I was holding my nice camera and well ... yeah, you're a tough jersey girl - I'm sure you would have been just fine. But one day, blouse will buy you some nice health insurance for moments like this. One day.


your photographer, Jen

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