Friday, August 20, 2010

blouse hearts australia.

This summer - Australian government announced the world-first body image initiative.

What that means is a voluntary code of conduct for magazines, designers, retailers and modeling agencies - who will be recognized as "body image friendly" if they adhere to the recommendations of the government's National Advisory Group on Body Image.

What kind of recommendations, you ask?

Oh you know - crazy extreme stuff like not photoshopping a woman's waist down to toothpick size, banning the use of ultra-thin female models or overly muscular male ones, using models of all ethnicities and all body sizes (weird, right?), banning advertising content that promotes negative body image, and -- oh, this last one is a doozy -- for retailers, carrying a wider variety of clothing sizes that better reflects the demands of the community.

Crazy, right? Right. Absolutely crazy that all of these things aren't already happening - and not only down under.

But we're hoping that Australia is leading the way - and one day body image initiatives are happening right next door. (literally. I'm not talking canada, people.)

In the meantime - blouse would absolutely love to be considered for the Australia body image friendly stamp of approval (how fantastic does that even just sound?? seriously, can you believe there are companies that are, essentially, anti-positive body image? anti, people.).

We have sold a few vintage pieces to the country .... and we do follow those lovely, body image healthy guidelines ... (I mean c'mon, I can barely crop on photoshop, let alone alter Jane to make her appear like a prepubescent girl).

Who knows - maybe one day, blouse will start the movement here. We do love positive body image, you know. And now, Australia too.

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This is great news. It's also inspiring and, just maybe, we can look forward to the same changes. m

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