Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a beach day.

It was dark last night at 8:30pm. 8:30 people. You know what that means - any day now we're going to be trudging through snow banks, watching our breath freeze and trying to remember the warning signs of frostbite.

(maybe I exaggerate)

But the calendar doesn't lie ... and we're in the last few days of true summer - summer. Maybe you need to get in a few more trips to the ice cream stand - or a few more bike rides - or camping trips - or (one of our favorites) more beach days.

Here's some snapshots from the good old pentax from the last beach day. (and we just put our blouse beach goodies on sale at the shoppe for your last seaside rendezvous.)

beach goodies on sale at the shoppe!

the straw beach purse $10
the ocean breeze in your hair vintage hat $14
the flirty black retro one piece $30

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Great camera and great photographer! Wish I was there.. on that beach.. now. m

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