Sunday, August 22, 2010

new york, i sorta liked you.

It's cold and rainy here and the absolute perfect curl-up-in-bed-movie-watching weather.
So, I curled up in the bed and watched New York, I Love You, a movie with twenty or so different stories and about thirty or so famous actors.

The reason I partially liked this movie is the same reason I like New York. I love creepily watching other people's lives observing. I like observing, you know, people. In a non - creepy way. The reason I partially didn't like the movie was that it was a little all over the place (wait, was that the point?) and some of the intimate moments felt forced. Like I was watching two famous people pretend to be intimate with each other.

But - if it's a rainy, cold night and you have big, fluffy blankets, a lot of pillows and you feel slightly sleepy and slow yourself .... watch it. The USA network will be doing another law&order marathon tomorrow night - you won't miss a thing, promise.

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