Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back to collage.

Last night, I attended a little crafty party happy hour sort of thing.

It was a bunch of crafty ladies, crammed around little tables, playing with glue and scissors for a couple of hours.

While it should have been fun and normal - I realized I watch way too many Bravo reality shows ... first I had this ridiculous feeling it was a competition and after I did anything, I imagined a well dressed middle aged person staring at it, saying:

"We just don't feel you in this piece. It's reminiscent of elementary school. And it makes us sad. Not good sad, just sad."

Once I stopped panicking about being sent home, I also started to realize that despite being so physically close that at times I felt like I was sitting on another crafter's lap, holding hands, we weren't ... well, talking. At all. And it might not have been awkward up until that point, but when I sensed the absence of any conversation, well, hello there awkwardness, my familiar friend.

So, while I may definitely need to work on my social interaction skills, I did manage to give art journaling a try ... and I think I sorta love cutting up magazines and playing with scissors. It truly can be a cathartic creative outlet. I highly recommend digging your magazines out of the recycle bin and chopping them up, pasting them in a journal or the back of a cereal box and then even adding your own writings, drawings.

For some inspiration - I want to share the work of a collage-er who is just marvelous. Lobster and Swan had a little habit of recording the day in a big, beautiful way.

Hopefully it inspires you a little, today.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of special young lady's bedroom wall.. several years ago now. It was wonderful. M

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