Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the windy city.

Half of the blouse team is in Chicago for a conference. Packing was a bit challenging due to my unwillingness to pay to check a bag. So, I had to have a strict carry on strategy - and as a result I may look a little too familiar day to day ... but I still have that thirty five dollars. Damn it.

Thrifted this vintage light blue shirt dress right before I left and boy, I am a lucky lady. It's comfortable, cute and according to my colleagues from New Hampshire, "a good color for my skin tone."


vintage blue shirt dress: thrifted
vintage leather braided belt: thrifted
jean jacket: my six year comfort blanket
gold leaf necklace: reconstructed forever 21 necklace
brown flats: jcpenney

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blouse said...

very nice other half of blouse. don't worry, when you get home i'm not gonna yell. cry, maybe, but not yell.

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