Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the karen o blazer.

here at blouse, we love a good rock star or two.

and karen o is a very good rock star.

maps is easily one of my most favorite songs. and, i have to say, karen o's rock star style is up there in my favorites too. half of the blouse team just happens to be a fellow rock star and well, the non-rock star half of the blouse team is sitting here, playing the maps music video on repeat and thinking of how our new vintage blazer would be perfect on the stage. on karen o.

or maybe .... on you?

more karen o ...

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clementine and daisy. said...

personally, karen O and Beth Ditto are some of the biggest fashion Icons of the day. i just love them both because they dont let size, where they're from, or what people say they should wear rule them. which is MY fashion inspiration!
ps - watch this:

she looks astounding!

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