Wednesday, January 13, 2010

rockstar from across the sea.

This is VV Brown.

I came across one of music videos the way you come across things out here in internetland. (I can watch music videos for days. I want to direct one one day, even if that means following jane around with a camera and forcing her to sing. then again, she doesn't usually need forcing.)

I liked her song. I liked the video. And I loved her entire ensemble.

When I continued to stalk google her a little more, I found another great video where's she sitting in the back of a cab, singing her song. Apparently, she had a much more supportive taxi driver than I did when I decide to express that I had More Than a Feeling. (or....she can sing in tune. and she's not completely wasted a little tipsy.)

The best part was that she had on the cutest navy and white jumpsuit. Freaking adorable. See for yourself.

Turns out, this rockstar has her own online vintage store. How perfect is that life?

Here's one of her videos:

(images via youtube, dr. jay's, marie claire uk)

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