Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday, I'm in Love

Today I had a weak moment, suckered into a DSW online sale (which is a good sale, I mean, in my defense) and I bought a pair of ankle booties. (I feel way too old to ever use the word bootie in regards to something I might be wearing.)

Anyway, I've already gone through about an hour and a half of buyer's remorse and googling the nearest DSW store to coordinate the fastest return possible, so instead of sitting here mourning the loss of a few bucks, I played around on polyvore for some inspiration.

How adorable is this Marc Jacobs dress? It is almost Friday. And I am in love.

Maybe I'll keep them. The booties, that is. (see? too old. way too old.)
Friday I'm in Love
Friday I'm in Love by blouseshoppe featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses

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