Saturday, December 26, 2009

watch this.

We weren't exchanging gifts this year. (me and my lady friend, that is)
But she cheated. (and I'm really, really, really glad she did.)

So now that I have this fancy, beautiful watch, I have this feeling that I want to wear fancy, beautiful clothes.

I mean, I figured it's about time I take off the candy cane pajama pants anyway, right? Ok. One more day.

I feel like a good watch is such a grown up thing. A good grown up thing - not like a mortgage or a root canal. I've always pictured myself in a scene straight out of Law & Order, walking down courtroom stairs and arguing with a stuffed suit on a brisk winter day with a pea coat buttoned up to my neck and then, mid-articulated argumentative sentence, I pull back my sleeve, glance at my grown up fancy watch and declare, "I have to go."

No, I'm not a lawyer. And I don't even own a pea coat, let alone could I walk down a flight of stairs and manage to have a conversation with someone without breathing heavy enough that it's embarrassing.

But anyway, back to the fancy clothes!

Here's a sneak peek of upcoming blouse goodies that I think would be quite perfect with a lovely grown up watch. Maybe your lady friend cheated as well and now you need that perfect blouse or dress to match?

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