Sunday, December 13, 2009

on point.

I went on a date Friday night. To see The Nutcracker.

It was my first time.

And I loved it. Love.

(I even made a new friend.)

I think I tiptoed out of the theater, thinking about all the ways I could be a ballerina when I grow up. This thought was immediately followed by remembering that I can barely walk down a flight of stairs without falling, let alone dance.

But, I can dream, right?

And maybe buy things that will make me feel ballerina-ish, you know, without needing the years of rigorous training or the actual talent?

French Cancan Frilly Tutu Petticoat by joliejuliette

trashy ballerina lingerie by gimmeNICOLE

blue ballet flats by hautecountryvintage

I also need to add Center Stage to my netflix queue. You know you love it.

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