Sunday, November 13, 2011

thrift tip ::: embrace the flannel

Now that autumn is finally here in New England (with colder weather on the way) .... I've been making it a priority to get cozier and cozier. Beside stocking up on thermal pj pants and slippers, I've been falling in love with flannel.

In nearly every thrift store, there are racks and racks of abandoned, lonely, cozy flannel button ups. Once worn by old men with recliners and tube socks, these often overlooked gems are absolutely perfect for the fashionably cozy cold-weather lady.

Just pair them with a fitted white v-neck and leggings, and if you're super fashionable (like me), a pair of big ol' cozy fuzzy socks. Also looks good with fireplaces, bowls of homemade soup and mittens.

If you're feeling overwhelmed -- don't worry, we have a couple of helpful tips so you don't panic when you're knee deep in plaid on your next thrifting excursion.

(I'm healthily obsessed with my new mug, for good reason. give me my flannel and a box of sleepytime tea and I'm good for a week.)

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