Tuesday, November 08, 2011

hot damn. we love these customers.

No exaggeration, it basically makes our year when a blouse customer takes the time to send us a photo or two of them rocking out in their blouse goods. As vintage clothing hoarders sellers, there isn't anything like discovering that simply perfect vintage piece .... until we see that perfect vintage piece on the everyday girl it was meant for!

Courtney has been a loooonnnnggg time supporter of blouse. And way back, when blouse was a baby, Courtney bought this great red skirt from the shoppe. Not only are we impressed that after a couple of years Courtney hasn't accidentally misplaced the skirt (are we really the only ones that do that?), we are even more impressed at how freaking adorable she styled it up.


courtney barber said...

dear ladies.
i love this post, (kinda wished you'd used some of those other awesome mirror shots, but i forgive...) don't worry, there is more to come. and yes, im a LOOOOOOOOONG time fan. but as well i should be.
love your,
long distance fan!

Amber Blue Bird said...

wow she looks just like a sexy 50s pin up.

clementine and daisy. said...

oh! i love amber blue bird. thanks girl!!!

Anonymous said...

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