Friday, November 11, 2011

getting interviewed.

This was an exciting week over here ... Two talented ladies came to the blouse office for a video interview! Jane and I practiced all week, asking each other questions and working on answering in cohesive, jazzy little sentences (not mile long rants about our undying love for the everyday girl).

So maybe we still rambled a little, but we're trusting the mad talents of our videographer, Brittanny Taylor, to do the necessary editing so the video isn't used to lull overactive children to sleep.

We're super pumped to see the final product ... you may get a sneak peek into the plans for the next blouse photo shoot!

A huge thanks to Brittanny + Jasmine (from StyleWeek Providence!) -- who were also gracious enough to allow us to convert them into everyday girls themselves.

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Shauna said...

Coooooool! Can't wait to see!!

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