Friday, October 07, 2011

jane wears a leather jacket.

A couple of things are happening in these photos ...

1. During a yard sale, Jane accidentally almost sold a box of clothes that belonged to her former roommate (and blouse model) Michelle. After dragging it back into the house, she realized she loved this box of clothes. And so, here she is, wearing them, thankful she didn't accidentally sell them for a buck.

2. We're in progress of setting up the blouse studio! It's a work in progress ... but here's some behind the scenes photos.

3. While working in progress, we listened to some records ... including one Jane scored at a local record shop ... a Seattle band named .... wait for it .... Blouse. Yes, we want to be groupies and dress them in vintage clothes. Like you had to ask.

Sorry for the lack of activity around here! I've been home sick all week, drinking tea and water and other non-coffee beverages. (i miss coffee) But next week is exciting - with my full vitality back, we'll be having all sorts of fun on the blog ... including an interview with an amazing designer, Brianna Moon!


Jenni Wells - Stop Making Sense said...

Feel better!!

Shauna said...

Of COURSE there is/was a British band called Blouse!!! LOL And of COURSE Jane found an album...a REAL VINYL album...of them at a local record shop. You girls are too much! :D Oh...and Jane - you could totally slip right into RISD in that nailed it...right down to the slashed tights. I think you'd fit right in with the illustration (or maybe paint) majors! ;)

Jane said...

hahah thanks shauna! all my tights have holes. naturally. i just can't keep a darn pair!!

ps. that band is from seattle. BUT there's also a band named blouse from the UK! crazy.

Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, my! I'm glad she could recover that box with clothes! ;)

Hope you're feeling well now!

Have a fun weekend! ;D


Michelle said...

What box of clothes? Is that my leather jacket?! I've been looking for it everywhere! What else was in the box?!

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