Friday, September 30, 2011

being interviewed.

This week the blouse team was interviewed by the amazing woman behind Sexy Period, a new line of sexy, fashionable, leak resistant underwear for that time of the month. We're pumped for our video(!) interview and to be their very first Sexy Gals of the Moment. We absolutely loved meeting with Julie -- the most amazing, impressive and down to earth chemical engineer turned entrepreneur we've ever met!

After the interview - and a few quick outfit pics - we may have caught someone vandalizing sharing the everyday girl love! We have no. idea. who. this. person. is.

But if I did know this woman - I may tell her thanks. And that I like her dress. And that I forgot my coffee mug at her house and I'll get it next week.

If I knew her.


Shauna said...

Oh no way!!! LOVE the partnership between blouse and Sexy Period!!! Can't wait to see the video! And, that was the coolest vandal ever - I hope no one ever catches her! ;)

Emily Allison said...

you ladies look so awesome!! if you ever want someone to plaster ri in your stickers, just let me know!

Dresses for Dinner said...

I love your blog! So glad to have found you.

Jamie Rose said...

I have a camera necklace like that and I love it too! Great outfits with such pretty dresses in this post! Also, Sexy Period is an awesome idea for a company.

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