Friday, October 14, 2011

an interview with brianna.

After Jane and I saw Brianna Moon's collection during Style Week Providence, we knew we wanted to get to know the designer behind the beautiful, feminine, inspired clothes. We were lucky enough to meet with Brianna in her home studio, after the hustle and bustle of her very first Style Week Providence fashion show was under her belt.

Walking into Brianna's studio feels like walking into your best friend's studio .... somehow, the space manages to be as warm, beautiful, classy and comfortable as Brianna herself. (and we were only slightly swayed by the homemade bread she made.) It is such an incredible creative place ... and we can see how the feminine, pretty details of the room inspired the same in Brianna's creations.

This was my first show at Style Week Providence. I had started watching a lot of movies, including Audrey Hepburn films and movies focused on the 1960s, like Factory Girl. I started to find inspiration in the mixture of the classic looks of Hepburn and in pop art. I wanted to merge these two for my spring/summer collection.

I didn't sketch anything at first ... I just started playing with fabric. I like to start, pull the fabrics together, let the ideas come to me ... and see what happens.

I feel like my clothes are for the everyday girl because every woman wants to be able to throw on something that is easy to go and feel beautiful. I'm known for simple, pretty and feminine a-line dresses. Maybe a pretty dip in the back ... but nothing too scandalous. It's not necessary for women to have to wear such scandalous, uncomfortable clothes in order to feel beautiful.

I strive for two characteristics in everything I make -- classy and comfortable.

We don't know how we could be any more impressed with this amazing fashion designer. Brianna is incredibly creative, talented and brave ... & it shows in her work and in her life (like when she went to France on her own and survived without speaking the language!).

Brianna has a few of her handmade pieces in her etsy shop -- keep an eye on it, she'll be adding more soon! And keep an eye on her ... this is one designer that is going to go places. And look good doing it.

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Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Wow if that ruffled blouse is anything to go by, this girl is one to watch! Thanks for the interview, I loved her philosophy of designing clothes that are classy and comfortable.

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