Thursday, September 01, 2011

our top six favorites of styleweek providence (so far).

1. The everyday girl models! We're seriously loving all the ladies on this runway -- the designers are using such beautiful, vibrant women!

2. The crazy pattern textiles! Nicole Lebreux + Jess Abernethy rocked with their lines with such eye catching fabrics and patterns!

3. No fake fashion hugs! While I thought I'd be participating left and right in those measly little pat-on-the-back hugs and faux air kisses (you know -- a fashion world hello), I've been loving the real people hugs people have been handing out.

4. Flat shoes! Granted -- we've only seen a handful of ladies rocking non - 4 inch shoes, but to those who have -- kudos. And to those ladies wobbling in those 4 inch shoes every night this week, we hope you're showing your feet some serious bunny slipper love when you're home.

5. People watching! And since we have a fancy press pass with our little camera -- we can stare at people and take photos of them without the risk of seeming creepy or getting arrested. Score.

6. Rompers! Jane has always loved a romper -- and we've seen a few strut down the runway already this week!

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