Friday, September 02, 2011

meet sarah elizabeth of yellow clover.

Jane and I were absolutely thrilled to have the chance to meet Sarah Elizabeth of Yellow Clover before Styleweek Providence. We were able to sit down with her and talk a little bit about her new collection ... and then watch her last model fitting before her runway show.

Sarah's work is the kind that takes your breath away ... the construction is incredible and the details constantly surprise you. Originally from Vancouver, Sarah went to school for fashion design and after graduating, immediately set up her company, Yellow Clover.

I tend to make more one of a kind pieces ... and that does tend to make it a little more difficult when one store wants to buy ten of the same dress, but it's really how I work best. I use a lot of vintage fabrics and in this current collection I'm using those fabrics for more of the detail work. My process is usually visualizing the clothes in my head, not sketching first. I'm too much of a perfectionist -- the sketches would take me forever. It's just all in my head - and I jump right in.

Sneaking a peek at Sarah's collection was incredibly exciting. The breathy, flowing nature of her pieces instantly made us want to know more about where her inspiration came from.

For this collection, I was inspired by the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Not necessarily the woman herself -- but her actual disappearance. There is such a ghostly mystery around it and I wanted to portray that in my line. I was reading her biography at the time and got very wrapped up in the end of her story, the mystery and the lost grand love.

The work and effort that Sarah puts into every piece comes across very clear. It was impossible for us to not dream up photo shoots with Sarah's work -- every piece had a creative editorial feel and just made you want to photograph it.

I spend a lot of time on the details of my pieces. To me, the lining of a pocket can be very exciting. The details are really want can make you feel special. And I love it when people notice those details. I think the everyday girl wants that feeling - and can feel special even being the only knowing that the lining of her pockets is a vintage floral fabric.

Thank you so much to Sarah and to Christina Pierce for inviting us to your beautiful showroom!

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