Sunday, August 28, 2011

queen anne's lace.

We've spent the majority of this weekend glued to the weather channel, waiting for Hurricane Irene, but in between the tornado warnings and the power outages, we managed to finish the latest blouse lookbook ... queen anne's lace.

Consider this our homage to these last few romantic days of summer ... where you can feel autumn in the air, but the sun is still warm and the grass is still green.

We hope that you spend these last few days of summer doing the things that you love ... I know that blouse will be cramming in more seafood, a little more beach and probably some more soft serve on the way home ....

Here's queen anne's lace .... pretty slips + such coming to the shoppe soon.

And make sure you stop by tomorrow as we start our Styleweek Providence coverage!! We're excited to bring you feature interviews of the designers and behind the scenes photos!


Courtney Barber said...

im in love with this. in love.

Shauna said...

Awesome!!!! These pics are beautiful. You really did capture that brief period of time in between summer and fall...gorgeous! And...I want in on that beach, seafood, soft serve deal!!! ;) There's a place in Bristol called "Sip 'n Dip Donuts" that has 24 flavors of soft serve AND a drive thru! :)

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