Thursday, August 18, 2011

diana gets creative.

You probably already know that we love gushing about just how amazing the everyday girl customers of blouse really are ...

And to start off this lovely morning - we'd thought we do some gushing about Diana!

After ordering the Slinky Black Saturday Night Dress -- she felt like it looked a little "Uncle Fester" on her petite frame. (hilarious visual, right? I want to hang out with this funny everyday girl!)

But -- instead of just cramming the dress into the bottom of the closet in utter frustration and completely giving up on ever wearing it ... ( sounds like I intimately know someone who would act this dramatic ... weird), instead - Diana got all creative and took off the long sleeves and hemmed it up to create a lovely, beautiful summery evening frock.

(We also totally want to hang out with her because she used the word 'frock,' which is just awesome.)

We can't believe the transformation of this vintage dress with just a few simple changes! It looks so classic + and so beautiful on Diana -- especially with her gorgeous dark hair and that amazing wrap belt around her waist.

What a lovely reminder that once in a while ... that vintage dress that isn't working could actually be a diamond in the rough! (as long as you have a pair of scissors and a little vision)

Thanks Diana! I'm totally inspired to dig out that dress from the bottom of my closet that desperately needs some altering!


Jessica / Lola Vintage said...

She is SO cute, and what a difference the alterations made. Bombshell worthy! LOVE the belt w/ the dress!

Shauna said...

I love it when you do these posts and show the wonderful everyday girl recipients of the blouse goods! :) You look great, Diana!

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