Wednesday, August 17, 2011

celebrating the cocktail.

True to my natural procrastinating abilities -- I managed to catch the very last day (did I mention I was a procrastinator?) of a local museum exhibit -- Cocktail Culture. Although I was initially shocked that I wasn't handed a cold martini immediately upon entering the exhibit room, I did end up absolutely loving the entire thing. Stone sober. (did I mention I wasn't handed a martini?)

The exhibit was organized by decade - and walking through the flappers of the 1920s to the gloved ladies of the 1950s to the sexpots of the 1970s made me really want a martini made me want to throw my own little fancy cocktail party.

When that fancy little blouse cocktail party does happen - I will be sure to bring this perfectly vintage fancy black bag that I recently received from a very loved great aunt. I thought going to a fancy little museum exhibit was reason enough to stop hoarding it and pull it out of the closet .... and being a warm weekday afternoon, I paired with a casual striped dress and pair of sandals.

Adding a fancy bag to that everyday dress is a perfect way to feel extra special. (add in that martini, and bam -- you're going to feel doubly special.)

(photos courtesy of my trusty photog friend shauna, who is patient enough to
photograph a photographer who does not enjoy being on this side of the camera.
i only yelled directions at her like, four times. okay maybe five.)


Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

Oh my gooooooodness i want it all! So many LBDs you got there! I love the stripes too!

I'm having my first blog giveaway! its a $100 gift card to Modcloth. It ends next month Hope you enter:)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

I like the idea that cocktails & fashion go hand in hand, I'm envious you got to attend this exhibit! They definitely should have had an
adult-only portion of the exhibit where you can sample 'old fashioned' cocktails-- it's all in the name of education, right?

Amber Blue Bird said...

no martini??! I would have walked out :)

Shauna said...

This is great, Jen! Thanks for the shout out. :) And - you didn't mention the fact that they tortured us by having about 15 different sets of vintage barware like sifters, shakers, high ball glasses, ice buckets, martini glasses...torture, I say, TORTURE!

Leilani, I think an adults-only section is a great idea! Actually, I imagine that the opening for this exhibit was a tremendous cocktail party in and of itself!! :)

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