Wednesday, July 27, 2011

when it's 105.

(this is the real-life outfit jane wore when we braved the high temps to go out shopping for the shoppe last week.)

Any other tips on keeping it cool on these hot, hot summer days??


Shauna said...

Way to keep cool, ladies! Jane - you look so chill and breezy in that outfit! I think you managed to cover everything except one important forgot to mention some tips for how to style your hair on hot days! For example: I just go see Priscilla, and she gives me a buzz cut with a #3 clipper (and that's no joke, girls!). :) Let me know the next time you have to employ plan b...especially if it involves ice cream! ;)

Jamie Rose said...

Great ridiculous heat outfit idea post! I tend to wear whatever I want as long as I'm not completely covered up because it stays hot here for so long. If I didn't, I'd never have any outfits to wear! If you stay inside, it's all good! haha. I appreciate the idea to wear flowy skirts for maximum air flow and the minimal jewelry idea. Cute post!

Mrs Amber Apple said...

Lovely advice!

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