Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a sneak peek that we didn't expect.

We did expect a sneak peek from a blouse shoot this week ... however, we we're expecting bright, sunny photographs of everyday girls in action at a local playground. The day-long rain forced us to plan b ... which included a 1950s ice cream parlor and a big banana split for Jane, our poor stylist who had to pull together 11 different looks in about 30 minutes when we realized we had to actually use plan b.

A sweet little look book is on the way ....


jane said...

i love that first one! and all the feet.


Shauna said...

OMG - how about that kaaayooot (that's my version of drawing out the word "cute") little icon thingy in the corners of all the images?!?!?! Nice touch, girls! Um...I'd say ice cream (especially at a 1950s themed joint) is an exceptional plan b!! :) Can't wait for the sweet little look book!!! <3 <3 <3

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