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2010: a year of blouse photoshoots in review.

January 2010 - Down by the Bay!

Barely two months old(!), blouse was such a baby. Look at us, all young and innocent and fuh-reeeeezing cold. We might be attempting to look all hipster and vintage and cool, but we just felt cold. So very cold.

At this point, I (jen) was still trying to put a half effort in being in front of the camera, and while I secretly loved imagining myself a distraught widow staring out over the expansive, um, river, waiting for my sailor lover to return, well - it just didn't translate well in the photos. Yeah, I just look ... tired.

I'd say this was when jane officially became the model ... and jen became the photographer! Yay for blouse job titles!

February 2010 - The Spring Lookbook!

When you think of a spring lookbook, you think of an abandoned nightclub covered in graffiti with the slight feel of danger even in the light of day, right?

So does blouse!

Again - it was freezing cold, but Jane + our guest model Kate, braved the frigidness and did an amazing job looking warm and sunshine-y in blouse spring clothes.

And this was definitely the shoot that Jane perfected the art of changing clothes in a parked car on a busy street without garnering too much attention. (a very handy and needed skill here at blouse.)

For Jen, this was the shoot that she learned to look around the model before taking photos ... after we got home, we realized that in nearly every photo, Jane was standing right next to the portion of grafitti-ed wall that read "SUCK IT." Not exactly the blouse logo, but well, we worked with it.

March 2010 - More Spring Lookbook!

Did I mention how much we loved this old, falling down building covered in spray painted curse words? This time we got a little braver and trespassed a little bit more, well until I heard a radio playing from somewhere in this building and got all nervous nelly (wayyyy too many Law & Order marathons under my belt to not think the worse in that situation).

April 2010 - blouse to infinity and beyond!

A photoshoot at the Ladd Observatory! Since the weather was finally above freaking freezing cold temperatures, we had some company -- the blouse manager tagged along and showed her skills at carrying props around, picking up lunch and hanging out with the groupies (e.g. jane's basset hound, poppy).

We also discovered one of jane's prime model moves - dead arm. Simply. Impressive.

At the end of April, I got a new camera! ( true. love. )

May 2010 - A Fishing Village and a Beach!

We hired a new model in May -- her name is Tiffany and she's great, if not a little lazy. Demanded that she be carried everywhere.

For our first summer shoot ... we went to a little fishing village where jane posed next to working lobster boats. We managed to fit in a lunch of clams and a shrimp roll in between balancing on shaky piers. For the record, Jane only almost fell in the water, like, five times.

I added another camera to the mix ... and the blouse manager tagged along again (more for the seafood lunch, although she did her part hauling Tiff around), which explains the rare photo of jane + me together, taken with the Pentax. One of my favorites from the year.

June 2010 - blouse in Bristol!

We headed to the seaside town of Bristol in June ... where we got our very first window display! Our friend Erin owns the cutest, coolest little hair salon - and asked us to do a blouse window. We threw Tiffany in the car and headed right over.

And while we were in town, we decided to take 900 photos of one of our favorites blouse pieces yet - a vintage gunne sax wedding dress. The blouse manager was so patient during this (she only yelled like, four times) that we rewarded the whole team with a seafood meal of more clams!

(during which, I'm pretty sure jane wore just a slip. I guess we couldn't have clams on the gunne.)

July 2010 - Spin Me Round.

We did a mini-shoot at one of prettiest carousels I've seen ... and at a quarter a ride, well within the blouse budget. (but be safe kids - that thing spins fast.)

July was also exciting -- blouse did our first outdoor festival!

August 2010 - In the Park!

A busy month, we managed to fit in a blouse quickie photo shoot at a charming little park, where jane proved that she'd do anything I say - wading into suspicious buggy looking grass, poking an imaginary fire or doing dead pose on a picnic table. Best. Model. Ever.

September 2010 - Stairway to Heaven!

We had two ginormous shoots in September ... all in a beautiful, historical old house in Providence with a killer stairway for fancy party dresses.

So many new models! First - Raegan. Incredibly sweet - with such pretty blonde hair and a striking profile. Thankfully, Raegan has stuck around, which must mean that blouse photoshoots are at least a little bit of fun.

For the second shoot of the month - we managed to persuade my visiting from Chicago friend Joanna to model for blouse ... not only was she absolutely beautiful in vintage, she also made me laugh so hard I nearly peed, like, five times.

And while photographing a wedding dress for the shoppe ... we realized that it called for an Angry, Trashy, Drunk Bridesmaids photo shoot. Good times.

October 2010 - On the field and On the stage.

Two mini shoots this month ... the first, on a chilly fall day we snuck into a deserted football stadium and then - playing on stage at a local music venue.

If Jane seems pretty natural on stage - there's a reason.

And at the end of the month - Jane made the best. halloween. costume. ever.

November 2010: A House in the Country

blouse took a trip to the country this fall ... between eating local apples and nearly breaking an elbow, we had a beautiful photo shoot in the woods.

Oh, and I learned that Jane knows the chicken dance. Really well.

December 2010 - A Holiday Party!

A whole gaggle of girls showed up for the december shoot (we're getting bigger!), along with an amazing make up artist (we're getting fancier!).

We did a street style shoot on the beautiful cobblestone streets ... and as a reward for being so brave in the chilly weather, we took these lovely ladies out for a drink at the neighborhood bar. (We also just happened to dress them up first for some more photos.)

In conclusion, blouse loves a photo shoot.

And seeing the places we went in 2010 and the people that followed us along the way ... well, I can't wait to see where 2011 takes blouse.

Happy New Year!


blouse said...

ok. new favorite post. i cannot believe we went to all those places! so. much. fun. where are we gonna go next!!!!!!!!!!!

and i love all our pretty models.

oh and that manager.


Amanda / Rust Belt Threads said...

such great photos! it looks like blouse had a fun year.

Anonymous said...

I was smiling from beginning to end. Blouse makes me happy. :)

Frannie said...

Love Love Love this!

Gail said...

Congrats to blouse on a fantastic year! These photos are great ... oh! the memories!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, ladies! This was so much fun to read!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love a good photo shoot and these look like fun! I love the planning and theme prep that goes into photo shoots. Great looks here ladies! x

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