Saturday, October 02, 2010

a winter bride.

Last year, we were completely inspired by a photograph we saw of a beautiful winter bride draped with a fur stole.

So ... this year when we added a beautiful winter white wedding dress to the blouse collection

... we knew we had to pair these two vintage beauties together.

Our fur stole is from the 1950s ... a deep, luxurious soft brown pelt.
(we've got some fine print on our fur products - see the bottom of this post!)

We absolutely love the classic look of this rich, soft fur paired with our elegant wedding dress. So perfect for our November-March brides, especially those standing in front of a weathered white barn on a snowy, brisk day. (please note: *barn and snow not required for this stole to still look stunning.)

***while blouse does not support funding the modern fur industry, we encourage shoppers who are looking for fur pieces to buy vintage. in addition, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (***

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Anonymous said...

some really stunning pics here! (and two thumbs up to donating proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund)

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