Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sneak peek.

It's not just a shoppe update (although that's coming soon) .... today's sneak peek is all about the very first everyday girl interview!

Maybe we need to backtrack -- you see, here at blouse, you know we love the everyday girl. Want to celebrate her, talk about her, be bff with her, yeah, we love the everyday girl. (aka: all of you.)

Well, one thing we're going to start doing here on the blog is actually interviewing these awesome ladies ... finding out more about them, their passions, their fashion styles, the root of their total f-ing amazingness ... you know, the usual interview stuff. And then ... sharing them with you!

So, yesterday - jane + I did our first interview! We had a tape recorder and everything - folks, this is serious business. And our first everyday girl interview-ee, well, she rocks. (so corny, you'll see.)

She is a total blouse rockstar -- a feminist who plays and sings in two bands, the founder of Girls Rock! Rhode Island and an advocate against domestic violence. Oh, and she hails from North Dakota and loves skirts - but we can't give it all away! She's just awesome - and our dream first everyday girl.

Interview coming soon!

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